Beware the Jackals!
Subject: Beware the Jackals!
Send date: 2010-08-28 19:55:28
Issue #: 8


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Have you ever wondered why everything seems to be going well, then suddenly people, problems and other "coincidental" things (especially from the past) start occurring suddenly?  We are spiritually trained to face giants that taunt and attempt to overwhelm us, but we must also be equipped to discern the little, supposedly insignificant struggles, annoyances and frustrations that the enemy, people or the world system send to hinder our walk with God.  If we fail to discern or underestimate them, we may find that they have stripped us of the blessings that God intended for our lives.

Beware the Jackals! examines why these things occur and how it's important for us to discern and thwart these "minor" attacks that can gradually bring devastation to our lives or hinder our spiritual growth and opportunities.

God bless you!

Pastor Brian

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