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Even as I called David, I brought David up a psalmist, to offer praise, to offer up Thanksgiving and to offer up worship unto me.  I also called David to be a mighty man of valor, a fighter, a warrior.  And I placed within you a warrior anointing, and I have given you a keen sense of understanding in your eyesight.


And I have caused you to experience a number of things so that you can be sensitive to how something operates in the realm of the flesh.  And I'm going to send you, saith the Lord, to a particular group of people who are struggling and who are held captive by the power of the flesh.

And I have placed with you, saith the Lord, the power of deliverance, that it will call down a warrior anointing against the spirit of evil.  And I have given you the rage to war in the Spirit against principalities, powers, domains, ruling spirits that have occupied homes, and villages and communities.

Sometimes I will just call you to go in your car and drive, and when you drive I will call you to stop, and I'll begin to reveal who is the ruling power in that community.  And I will have you speak to that power, and bring it down, and I will cause you to speak in the atmosphere My will, My purpose, My plan for that community, saith the Lord.


Let the warrior anointing be stirred on the inside of you, O man of God!  O, let My understanding, let My wisdom, flow through you!


July 11, 1997 - prophetic call, confirmed the following day (almost verbatim) by Bishop Roger Samuel



I have given you a ministry called Eagle-Eye Ministries.  The eagle represents the prophet, and I have called you as a prophet to the nations who will soar and reach the nations with the revelation that I have provided you to bring salvation, healing and deliverance.  The eye that I have given you will enable you to discern those things which are unseen, expose and bring down the strongmen behind them, and use your mouth to plant My will, purpose and plans into the regions where I send you.


December 1999 - prior to launch of Eagle-Eye Ministries



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