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Our weekly global broadcasts are recorded on Sundays at 11 AM at 20 East Taunton Road, Suite 550 (second floor), Berlin, NJ 08009.  It's directly behind Lucien's Manor and just past the Berlin Mart before you reach the White Horse Pike.  We welcome people of every race, nationality and color who love Jesus Christ or who are open to learning about our personal Lord and Savior!  We provide an atmosphere in which people are permitted to dress in a manner that is comfortable to them while remaining respectful to others, and everyone immediately feels like "part of the family!"


From a spiritual perspective, we believe in preaching the uncompromised word of God from cover to cover; it is inspired by God and it is the most heavily documented and scientifically-proven work in existence, not subject to modern-day interpretation to suit our personal agendas or justify our shortcomings and sins.  While we use modern technology and have a warm, friendly environment in which the Holy Spirit has free reign, we are "all business" when it comes to worshipping God, interpreting the Bible and applying it to everyday situations.


We are always seeking fellowship with people who are hungry to know more of God and seeking a place of worship where all people are respected and appreciated.  No pedestals, hype or preaching the latest "spiritual fad" sweeping the country, just the timeless, rightly-divided word of God as the Holy Spirit leads in a practical, insightful and revelatory manner that can produce life-changing results for yourself, your family and everyone God calls you to minister to.  We encourage people to bring notebooks and writing utensils to take notes which they can meditate on the scriptures provided during the sermon from home to ensure that it penetrates their hearts and minds and produces the wholeness and fruitfulness that God intended.  If properly applied, our biblical instruction will enable you to be properly discipled by changing your perceptions, actions and speech to closely resemble that of Jesus.


For directions on attending our broadcast sessions, please click here.  Please feel free to visit us at any time.  If you have any questions, please contact us at (856)393-1717 or via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Supporting the A21 Campaign

Sex Trafficking is an organized criminal industry that affects every nation. Whilst the statistics can seem overwhelming, it is important to remember that every number represents the life of a victim. The A21 Campaign has recognized a significant need in the region of Eastern Europe, and is committed to combating this injustice through rescuing one life at a time.